Custom Work 

While I'm sure you have found a fine art piece in the photo art galleries that you’d love to have on your wall, you may be wondering if one of those photos could go in a different size window frame? Or maybe you would like a multi-pane frame instead of a single-pane frame? Or what if the frame color is just not right for your space, but you love the photo? 

These are all great questions! Through Your Window is happy to provide custom work for you or as a unique gift for someone special in your life.

Portrait Windows

Do you have a personal photo you'd like framed in a window? Maybe a wedding memory or your children, or your family. We'd love to help create a Portrait Window for you! All we need is your high resolution digital file for sizing and printing the image. Once we confirm your image is high resolution and can be enlarged well, then we can discuss what type of window you want and the size. All the windows are created and customized by Jaime Leigh. Your Portrait Window Art will be unique to you! 

Katie and Gabe


Nelson Family

Custom Window Art 

First, you’ll want to Contact Us and let me know what you are wanting for your custom fine art window. Please leave your phone number as well, so I can call you. Then we will discuss the Jaime Leigh Photograph you have chosen and the type of window frame you desire. We will also discuss paint colors. 

Here’s some important information to remember: the window pane frames are not standard sizes. All the windows I find come in different sizes, different panes, and different wood. Sometimes one of the glass panes is broken, which means that pane of glass is replaced. For the most part, all of the original glass is still intact (very cool by the way - especially the wavy glass with imperfections)! 

So what does this mean for ordering a custom frame? Basically the Jaime Leigh photo you choose for the window frame you’d like, doesn’t always fit or it crops out part of the image that you don’t want cropped. I will be able to test the photo size with the frame and see if it works together. If it doesn’t, then we will need to look at a different size frame.

You have an old window? 

You may also have your own window frame that has been sitting around your garage for years that you would like to turn into your own fine art window. If you’d like me to look at your window pane frame(s), please Contact Us and we will set up an appointment. If you provide your own window frame, please note that there may be layers of paint colors underneath the top coat. Those actually are the best kind! Once I start sanding and the colors reveal, then I either keep the original colors or paint over them with a color you want. This doesn’t always mean you won’t see some of the original colors underneath.

Your Own Landscape Photograph 

Do you have a photograph that you made on your vacation and you really want it in a window frame, but you know it is something you’ll never get the time to accomplish? I can’t make any promises that your photograph is high enough resolution to produce a fine art photo print, but I can certainly look at the image and see if it will work. Then we can discuss frame size, paint colors, cost and turnaround time for your custom art. Please Contact Us for your project questions.

Morning Light

The Window Only

Window restoration and refurbishing is also offered as part of custom work. You can provide the frame or I can find a frame for your project. Please Contact Us with your questions. Thank you!

Every window frame that I restore and refurbish is different from the next. Each window is definitely one-of-a-kind and has its own artistic appeal. As an artist, I’m always excited to see how each one reveals its own beauty.

Reclaimed Wood - Frame Only

You may be interested in having a reclaimed wood frame built for your own photograph or art. I am happy to help you with this project! Please use the Contact Us form to make a request. Thank you!