Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions that Through Your Window has received to date. If one of these FAQ's does not answer your specific question, please use Contact Us to relay your query.

1. What camera do you use?

     I have always shot with Canon. Currently I am using a Canon R6.

2. Are all your pictures from a digital camera or have you used a film camera also?

     For years I shot with a film camera (Canon 1N), color and black/white 35mm film. Some of the photos in Through Your Window are actually from film. Most of them are from my digital camera.

3. What paper do you use for your prints?

     Through Your Window prints are made on 100% Cotton Rag FineArt Paper and the use of archival pigments. Also called Giclee Prints.

4. Do you remove the glass and put new glass in the windows?

     Unless the glass is broken when I acquire the window frame, I don’t remove the glass. The original glass in the window is what I strive to keep intact because it adds character to the art.

5. How do the window pane frames hang?

    The frames come with a wire hanger or two D-ring hangers (one on each side) depending on how heavy the frame is. When hanging with the D-ring hangers, we suggest you use drywall anchors.

6. How heavy are the frames?

     Each frame is different in weight, depending on the size, wood and glass. If you have a question about a specific frame weight, please Contact Us.

7. Will you do custom work or use a frame I already have?

    Yes! Please refer to Custom Work

8. Where do you ship the window frames?

    We ship to the lower 48 states. For details on how we arrange to ship to other locations, please refer to Shipping.    

9. What if the glass breaks during shipping?

    Your window frame is insured on our end. If the frame arrives to you broken, please send a picture of the box condition and a picture of the broken area while the self-adhesive film is still in place. You will send back the frame and we will have it repaired. For more details, please refer to Guarantee in the Terms and Conditions.